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About This Site

Welcome to our Guinness Record Book Collecting website. We started the site primarily as a way to keep track of the different Guinness Book of Records and Guinness World Records editions that we have collected from the first edition in 1955. The information on this site should prove useful to other collectors who need information about rarer copies of the book, or need more than just a publication year and author to identify particular editions. If you spot any mistakes, or have any additional information that we can add to the site, please feel free to get in touch via We will, of course, credit you with helping us to help others.

Collectors of other factual reference books will also be interested in our "Top 10 of Everything" collectors' website.


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Special Thanks

Images and additional details of unusual editions and ephemera have been provided by Robert Ailwood, Pat Bender, Howard Bradley, Darren Bruton, Nigel Clarke, Louis Epstein, Nick Goldsmith, René Gregersen, Jonathan Handley, Graham Hawkins, Adam Henley, Amy Holmes, Simon Jordan, Roberto Magagnin, James McConnell, Iain McWhirter, Steve Millington, Bruce Newman, Gordon Nutbrown, Bruce Read, Steve Redshaw, Martin Renshaw, Dr. Richard Pennington, Barry Rigby, Pete Tatum, Simon Taylor and Adam Teitge.


All information provided on this site is from the author's own collection or from the collections, research and experience of other contributors. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners, and are duly acknowledged. Unless stated otherwise, book images have been created by the authors or sourced from the public domain.

This site should be used for reference purposes only. We accept no responsibility for any mistakes, errors or omissions in the site's data. Please verify all facts yourself before entering into any book purchase or book sale agreements.