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Collecting News

2024-06-22. This year's Italian School Diary is now available.

2024-06-20. The Guinness World Records Schulplaner 2024 | 2025 is now on sale.

2024-06-08. A lucky find - a 1992 Spanish edition for Las Islas de Puerto Marina.

2024-05-12. Just added a souvenir from The Longest Line of Dice.

2024-04-19: We have discovered a complimentary edition of the Guinness Sports Record Book.. 

2024-04-09: A third (smaller) Guinness World Record Breaker notebook from 1976 has come to light. 

2024-03-26: We love this record breaker.

2024-03-12: A die-cast model of the World Bus from 1988 has come to light.

2024-02-21: Some super bubble gum stickers have recently arrived from Ukraine.

2024-02-13: Managed to get hold of a lovely geocoin celebrating the geocaching World Record.

2024-01-24: Two more books in the Für Estlese series have been published by Ravensburger.

2023-12-21: A very nice Guinness World Records tape measure is now available.

2023-12-19: Two more interesting items have come to light - a ladies' sweatshirt and a Guinness World Records business card holder.

2023-12-04: We've been very lucky to get hold of another Guinness World Record Breaker notebook from 1976. 

2023-11-30: A fantastic, rare set of playing cards from Japan now in our collection.

2023-09-23: Yet another unusual item - a "Hall of Fame" presentation watch, possibly from the 1980s.

2023-09-14: Published today: Guinness World Records 2024.

2023-08-19: A rare complimentary edition of the Guinness Sports Record book (2nd. Ed.) for Citizens Savings.

2023-08-19: A very unusual military-style coat has been discovered. Anyone know anything about it?

2023-08-02: Two new items added to our collection today - a drinks bottle and a golf set.

2023-08-01: We've been lucky to get hold of a promotional coin from the 2022 IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

2023-07-01: The 2024 Italian school diary is ready to be added to your collection.

2023-06-29: Some nice new additions to our collection this month, including the 2023 edition in Chinese and a 2021 private edition for Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.

2023-05-03: We now have a copy of the Guinness Buch der Rekorde 1981 Peter Lisec Edition.

2023-01-29: Four more Stickern & Rätseln puzzle books have been published by Ravensburger in Germany.

2023-01-20: Four illustrated Guinness World Records books for early readers have been published by Ravensburger in Germany.

2022-11-25: Ravensburger have produced a 2,000-piece Guinness World Records jigsaw puzzle.

2022-09-15: Published today: Guinness World Records 2023.

2022-08-31: Our first item with a 2023 cover - a school diary in Italian - has arrived recently.

2022-08-09: We're pleased to have uncovered some very interesting pre-production samples of the UK millennium edition.

2022-08-08: A few of the 150 Bimbo cupcake world record cards from Spain are now in our collection.

2022-06-29: We now have a fantastic memorable records diary from Hallmark Cards in 1967.

2022-06-02: Another private edition from 1968 has been discovered in South Africa.

2022-05-09: A Guinness World Records 5 metre measuring tape has been added to our collection this week.

2022-04-14: We have managed to get hold of a private edition for Mercury Secretarial Services Ltd.

2022-03-06: Four fun Stickern & Rätseln puzzle books have been published by Ravensburger in Germany.

2022-02-01: We have been incredibly lucky to find a boxed copy of the 1984 German edition with a few surprises inside.

2022-01-22: Another special edition of the Guinness Book of Turf Records has surfaced, and we finally have a hardback copy of the Guinness Sports Record Book 1977-78.

2021-11-12: Two Gibson special editions of the Guinness Book of Turf Records from 1964 and 1968.

2021-10-30: Two very interesting copies of the Limca Book of Records added to our collection recently.

2021-09-20: Also published this week - the German audiobook of 500 records from the 2022 edition.

2021-09-16: Published today: the 68th UK edition of Guinness World Records.

2021-08-27: We've added a couple more Top Trumps games to our collection.

2021-07-24: This year's Italian School Diary - with Rod Hunt's 2022 cover artwork - has arrived.

2021-07-22: An unopened (but still playable) Quiz 500 game has joined our selection of Toys and Games.

2021-06-25: We've just got hold of a perfect copy of the 3rd Norwegian edition.

2021-06-07: We finally have a copy of the first Greek edition.

2021-06-06: More recent arrivals include seven Finnish editions, mostly from the 1980s.

2021-06-03: We've tracked down several Slovenian editions, including two copies of the 1st edition.

2021-06-02: Seven more Swedish editions from the 70s and 80s arrived from Sweden today.

2021-05-29: An early Japanese edition and more Norwegian and Finnish editions added to our collection this week.

2021-05-20: A copy of the 1958 edition with an inscription for Luxor Radio has come to light.

2021-05-06: Following a minor site revamp, details of first editions can now be found on our history page.

2021-05-03: Just a few months until the publication of the 2022 edition!

2021-04-29: We have an early Greek edition from 1983.

2021-04-29: Another nineteen editions added to our Nordic collection.

2021-04-22: A nice Bulgarian copy of the Guinness Book of Crime has turned up.

2021-04-22: Our collection of editions from Nordic countries is growing nicely, with more to be added soon.

2021-03-28: An unusual Golf Partner paperback added to our special editions.

2021-03-26: We've just obtained some interesting samples of unpublished editions from 2008 and 2017.

2021-03-20: A lovely bite-sized sampler was produced by Guinness World Records for the 2020 edition.

2021-03-19: A new section for Guinness World Records promotional items added to our site today.

2021-03-18: We've found an interesting series of English textbooks from Japan in 2012, and a 2017 Chinese calendar.

2021-03-16: Added seventeen more trade catalogues from the 1980s and 1990s.

2021-03-11: Another nice book from Japan: the 2009 Guinness World Records Kids edition. We also have a mock-up copy of the unfinished UK edition.

2021-03-04: We've recently come across a 2018 Barnes & Noble US edition and a 2019 UK edition exclusive to Sainsbury's.

2021-03-03: Four more Latin American editions added to our overseas section today.

2021-02-28: The production artwork for the 2021 edition has some subtle changes from the pre-production artwork.

2021-02-27: We have been incredibly lucky to obtain five more special company editions - Almajdouie, Gulf Bank, Puck, Subaru and Villa Mix.

2021-02-27: Collectors of recent Guinness World Records publications will love the Japanese editions. We have copies of 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

2021-02-26: New today - the Guinness Record collection edition of Micky Maus magazine, and an interesting Karam Museum Edition Porsche GT2!

2021-02-20: Additions from some new countries today - Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal and Romania.

2021-02-19: Five more editions from Finland added to our Nordic section.

2021-02-02: We have now collected enough French main-series editions to start a new section on our site.

2021-01-28: An interesting find this week - a trial cover for the 2000 edition from 1997.

2021-01-18: We've discovered another private edition with a special dust-jacket, presented by Whessoe Ltd in 1965.

2021-01-16: We've been lucky to get hold of a promotional mini-booklet promoting the 2001 German edition.

2021-01-14: Thirteen editions from 2003 and 2001 (including one from Macedonia) catalogued in our overseas section.

2021-01-13: Today's new editions: more French editions (2008 and 2009), another Australian edition and an interesting Chinese translation.

2021-01-08: Two more French editions (1980 and 1983) added to our site today.

2020-12-11: Eight more French editions — ranging from 1981 to 2016 — have expanded our collection this week.

2020-12-05: More Scandinavian editions added today - three Swedish editions and one Norwegian.

2020-12-04: Four fantastic editions from Finland now form part of our collection of Nordic editions.

2020-12-02: We've added a Latin American edition, another Korean edition and three editions in Hindi to our overseas page.

2020-11-19: Two early Italian editions from 1971 and 1975, and two French box sets now on our overseas page.

2020-11-18: Today's additions to our our overseas page include the Guinness Book of the 20th Century in Chinese and Czech, and main series editions in Hebrew and Norwegian.

2020-11-17: Three Greek editions and two more Russian editions added to our overseas page today.

2020-11-16: Two more Italian editions and three more Swedish editions added to our Nordic page.

2020-10-20: An odd little booklet with data from The Guinness Book of Sporting Heroes is now in our collection.

2020-10-17: Further editions (from seven different countries) added to our overseas page.

2020-10-10: Some more editions now detailed on our overseas page

2020-10-08: Today we've added a selection of German Guinness books and a nice Guinness Stout special edition from 1983.

2020-10-06: Lots of changes to our site this week - we've added a section for "overseas and foreign language editions", which details some of the editions that we've collected over the years. We also have another first edition, this one being the first Arabic edition from 1987.

2020-09-20: Another first edition has been added to our collection - the first Central American edition, published in Columbia in 1993.

2020-09-17: Published today: the 67th UK edition of Guinness World Records.

2020-09-04: We've added a new section to the website: some of the trade catalogues and news reviews collected over the years.

2020-09-01: A revised edition of The Guinness Guide to Grand Prix Motor Racing from 1983 has now been added to our collection.

2020-08-28: We've acquired another nice edition from the Scholastic collection: Guinness World Records - Just Outrageous! from 2005.

2020-08-22: After much hard work, we have now collected a substantial set of German-language editions. A new section of our site has details of these editions and will be expanded as we collect other related publications.

2020-08-20: A couple of great items added to our collection today - Der Kalender 2008 from Germany, and the Book of Ultimate Records from Scholastic.

2020-08-14: Another book from the Scholastic collection — Record-breaking Pets — now in our collection.

2020-05-25: This month's additions are a Guinness World of Records mug and some Kellogg's mini-books.

2020-04-28: More items added this month, including another Scholastic edition from 2006.

2020-04-05: Added a very early brochure and sticker for the Guinness Museum of World Records at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

2020-02-24: We finally have an unused, near-perfect copy of The Guinness Book of Records Diary 1995.

2020-01-23: Another promotional Guinness Book of Turf Records (third edition) has come to light.

2020-01-14: At last, The Barman's Guinness Book of World Records fills a gap in our collection of U.S. editions.

2019-12-21: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our contributors and supporters!

2019-11-04: We've just found a really nice Guinness World of Records Tea Towel.

2019-09-27: We have added Ravensburger's Guinness World Records Das Quiz to our collection.

2019-09-05: The Guinness World Records 2020 Quiz Book complements this year's UK edition.

2019-09-05: Published today: the 66th (2020) edition of Guinness World Records and the 13th Gamer's Edition.

2019-08-11: An interesting glass made for an attempt at the world's longest toast has been added to our collection.

2019-06-29: Our copy of the 2020 Guinness World Record diary has just arrived from Italy.

2019-06-26: Our collection now includes a second Collins "Is this a record?" calendar, this one for 1977.

2019-06-14: A special Sony Corp edition of the 3rd Guinness Sports Record book has come to light.

2019-04-04: Two "magic reveal" puzzles from the Haywire Group and a 5-disc DVD set of Guinness World Records (from Crest Media) added to our collection.

2019-03-12: We've recently come across four record books in French attributed to Norris McWhirter. We also have another Guinness Hall of World Records brochure from Music Row, Nashville.

2019-02-12: Two nice new items: Top Trumps Gaming Records; and a flyer for a Guinness World Record attempt in Australia.

2018-12-10: More interesting items this week: a Guinness World Records 2019 Goody Bag, some collectors' cards from Israel and a Guinness World Records Experience tankard.

2018-12-06: New to our collection this month: three British Airways Skyflyers Guinness World Records magazines produced by Hamleys in 2000.

2018-10-30: To complement our Japanese Guinness World Records cotton handkerchief, we have a Guinness World Records face cloth, also from Japan.

2018-10-12: The 1st edition of Guinness World Records Wild Things was published on October 4th. We have also obtained a neat Guinness World Records 2000 at WHSmith T-shirt and a copy of the Guinness Disc of Records for the Macintosh this month.

2018-09-14: We now have another Guinness World Records board game.

2018-09-06: Guinness World Records 2019 and the 2019 Gamer's Edition are now available. In addition, we now have another KOSMOS game from 2014 and an interesting postcard from the Oldest Restaurant.

2018-08-28: The 2019 edition of Guinness World Records is now available in the USA and Canada.


2018-08-04: We have been very lucky to finally get hold of a copy of the 1967 fourth edition of the Guinness Book of Turf Records. Better still, our copy has a special outer cover for a London-based turf accountant.

2018-07-23: Another special edition from 1992 has been found by a collector in China.

2018-07-21: The latest Italian Guinness World Records diary has been published.

2018-06-16: Another new addition to our collection is an interesting t-shirt for the 2008 Gamer's edition.

2018-06-14: A hard-to-find copy of the 1981 Guinness Book of Amazing Animals has been added to our collection.

2018-06-02: We now have a copy of the second edition of the Guinness Book of Sports Records Winners & Champions published by Sterling Publishing in 1982.


2018-04-20: A recently discovered private edition has been added, though the company name is not yet known. We have also found a branded thimble and handkerchief for our Odds & Ends section.


2018-03-18: An interesting set of Guinness World Records BiC lighters has been added to our collection.

2018-03-08: The new Guinness World Records Science & Stuff edition has now been published in the UK.

2018-02-12: Thanks to a good friend of this website, we now have a boxed, limited edition of the 2000 Chinese Guinness World Records book, and an unusual Taiwanese edition from 1990.

2018-01-09: A new Guinness World Records book — Science & Stuff — has been released in the USA, Canada and Australia. It will be released in the UK in a couple of months.

2017-12-27: Our copy of the 2017 reprint of the first U.S. edition of The Guinness Book of Superlatives has arrived.

2017-11-24: We've managed to get hold of a 2017 Blockbusters! goodie bag.

2017-10-14: By a stroke of good fortune, we have discovered a copy of the Guinness Book of Records given to Jean Leggett at the Savoy Hotel launch party for the 1988 edition.

2017-10-14: A very early company edition from South Africa has been found. Quite rare to have the inscription on both the cover and dust-jacket.

2017-09-07: The first ever edition of Guinness World Records Amazing Animals is now on sale.

2017-09-07: The 11th edition of the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition has been released.

2017-09-07: Guinness World Records 2018 ("Meet Our Real-Life Superheroes") is now available in the UK.

2017-08-29: The Guinness World Records 2018 edition is now available in the USA and Canada.

2017-08-18: A few interesting items this month: a stamp from the Gaza Post Office, a largest off-licence matchbook, and a pin badge from the 1990s.

2017-07-05: We've recently acquired a laminated copy of the 2nd Edition with an original letter from Guinness dated March 1957.

2017-05-09: We've finally located another volume to add to our Guinness Sports Record Book collection. The remaining volumes are still proving somewhat elusive.

2017-03-27: Another edition of the I Can Read! series of HarperCollins Children's Books is now available.

2017-03-23: The 2017 edition of Guinness World Records Blockbusters! is now on sale in the UK.

2017-02-15: Thanks to some help from one of our best website friends, we now have an official copy of the first edition in Chinese.

2017-01-19: The second edition of Guinness World Records Blockbusters! is now on sale in the USA and Canada.

2016-12-29: Happy New Year to all our readers. Best of luck in your collecting endeavours in 2017!

2016-12-09: Season's greetings to all our readers. Best of luck in your collecting endeavours in 2017!

2016-10-28: New editions in the 2016 HarperCollins Children's Books "Guinness World Records" series are now available.

2016-10-19: Bonus sections for the 2017 edition — featuring records from the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro — are now available from the Guinness World Records website

2016-10-10: The latest Guinness World Records Diary (in Italian) is now available.

2016-09-08: Guinness World Records 2017 ("A Galaxy of New Records") has been published today.

2016-09-08: The 10th edition of the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition (2017) has been released.

2016-09-07: Another very interesting find - a pennant advertising the Guinness World of Records Exhibition in the Empire State Building, New York.

2016-08-20: For the tenth in our occasional series of interviews with world record people, we were privileged to meet Gordon Nutbrown, co-founder of Redwood Press.

2016-08-17: A fascinating brochure for the start of the 1977 season at Atlantic City's New Steel Pier includes details of its Guinness World Records exhibit and theatre shows.

2016-08-12: We have discovered a great bumper sticker advertising the Guinness World Records Exhibit Halls in New York and Las Vegas.

2016-08-08: Another early complimentary copy of the Guinness Book of Turf Records (for Joe Coral Ltd.) has been unearthed.

2016-06-10: We have managed to obtain 23 language/country variants of the 2016 edition, showing how much work is done by the publishers every year.

2016-06-10: More interesting items have turned up this month: 2015 and 2016 Diaries (Italian) and a Japanese 2014 print-on-demand edition.

2016-06-06: Our collection of bookmaker-specific copies of the Guinness Book of Turf Records is growing. If you know of others, please get in touch.

2016-05-03: We now have a rare 1974 edition bound in a red cover in its original box.

2016-05-03: We have found an interesting copy of the 1979 Turriff special edition which was donated to Warwick School by a director of the company.

2016-05-03: An unusual Speed Slide! quiz card from IPC Magazines has come into our possession.

2016-04-14: An earlier private edition for M & J Engineers Ltd. has been found.

2016-03-17: The first seven editions in the 2016 HarperCollins Children's Books "Guinness World Records" series are now available.

2016-03-16: The first ever edition of Guinness World Records Blockbusters! is now on sale.

2016-03-09: Two interesting editions have been brought to our attention: a gift edition of the 1984 Guinness Book of Olympic Records; and a Chinese special edition from 2015.

2016-03-05: A private edition for Wakefield Fortune Travel has come to light in New Zealand.

2016-03-01: We have a commemorative mug from the February 1988 opening of The Guinness World of Records in New York.

2016-01-28: Enjoy our exclusive interview with the Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday.

2016-01-26: A 1973 private edition for A. P. V. Mitchell (Dryers) Ltd. of Carlisle has been listed for sale on eBay.

2016-01-20: We've recently found a Coast Federal Savings complimentary edition from 1975.

2016-01-15: Happy New Year! Already this year, we've been lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the 1973 Birmingham Mica Co. private edition and a Benfica World Record football scarf.

2015-12-13: A Turriff-Taylor private edition from 1972 was sold today on eBay.

2015-11-21: The first ever Mongolian edition of the Guinness World Records book has been published by Nomiin Khishig Publishing in Ulaanbaatar.

2015-11-12: More games from Paladone, a newly discovered 1958 school prize copy, and a 2016 Italian diary have recently been added to our collection.

2015-11-03: We have obtained more packs of record cards, another bookmark and an interesting "Record Holder" badge from 1988.

2015-09-25: Our Odds & Ends page now has details of a promotional flyer for a Guinness Book of Records video game, and a quiz card from the Halifax Building Society.

2015-09-10: Guinness World Records 2016 and the Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition have been released.

2015-09-05: Interesting promotional items (Slurpee cups) with world records from the 1970s have been added to our collection.

2015-08-27: The first copy of The Guinness Book of Records was bound 60 years ago today.

2015-08-21: Guinness World Records 2016 and the Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition will be released in the U.K. on September 10th.

2015-07-02: Of interest to collectors of Guinness World Records toys will be the set of 8 toys/challenges produced for McDonald's Happy Meals in 2014.

2015-06-01: A really interesting informational compliments slip for advanced copies of the 1958 edition has come into our possession.

2015-05-05: Another board game and more quiz games have joined our collection recently, and we also have a copy of the 2015 Bantam paperback edition.

2015-03-13: Some interesting sheets of stamps have come to our attention this week, as has a great bookmark from the late 1990s.

2015-02-20: We haven't been idle since Christmas and we now have new items in several sections of our site. including an unusual beer mat, a postcard from Vegas, and an "Officially Amazing" notebook.

2014-12-24: We would like to wish all collectors of Guinness World Records books and memorabilia a Merry Christmas and a Happy year collecting in 2015!

2014-12-12: We have several new editions this month, including a boxed first edition for The Crooked Billet Pub and a Diamond Anniversary Special produced by Guinness World Records to celebrate 60 years of the book's history.

2014-12-11: Paladone Products Ltd. has updated its range of Guinness World Records "build your own" gifts for 2014.

2014-10-24: The 2015 Gamer's Edition is now available.

2014-09-22: We have been extremely lucky to obtain some more private editions this month - the Troll, Mileştii Mici, Emirates Palace and Nabil Karam private editions, and the 2007 HIT Entertainment Special Edition.

2014-07-26: An amazing copy of the 8th edition from 1960 has been discovered. It is Norris McWhirter's home/file copy, with his corrections and annotations for the 1961 9th edition.

2014-06-25: We have a lovely set of Singer Education Astounding Guinness World Records Cards. If anyone has any more information on these cards, please let us know.

2014-05-13: An early record book by The McWhirter Twins Ltd. has come our way: the 1957 British Athletics Record Book.

2014-04-28: The 2014 Bantam paperback edition is now available.

2014-03-19: Another private edition (for a company named DDL) has been brought to our attention this month.

2014-02-12: Some new additions to our Odds & Ends page this month - another exhibition brochure and an interesting phone card from Italy.

2014-01-25: What fun! A 1976 Collins "Guinness Book of Records" calendar.

2014-01-08: In our local bookshop today we found a 26th Edition in perfect condition, and it is signed by Norris McWhirter. Always worth checking carefully when looking at second-hand books!

2013-10-09: We've managed to obtain a copy of China's Guinness World Records. Great collectible!

2013-10-04: Fans of Guinness World Records board games will be delighted to know that a new game has been produced.

2013-09-16: More items of interest to collectors and athletics fans include two Guinness World Records posters and the most recent IAAF World Records history.

2013-09-15: We now have a set of the 2013 Wendy's Kids' Meal Toys, and details of some interesting promotional copies recently sold on eBay.

2013-09-14: Rising Stars UK Ltd. has produced a series of Guinness World Records Record-Breaking Comprehension books and teacher's guides.

2013-08-14: Yet another mystery edition this month, plus a brochure from the exhibition at the Empire State building in New York, and an interesting First Day Cover.

2013-07-30: Another private edition for M & J Engineers was sold today on eBay. It is amazing how many of these editions keep being discovered.

2013-07-07: We have another mystery private edition, another Grell model truck, and a brochure from the Guinness World of Records in Myrtle Beach, SC.

2013-05-31: Two fantastic additions to our site today: the first edition of the Guinness Book of Records in Icelandic, and another edition specially produced for the Digital computer company. We have now catalogued 1,600 items for you to collect! 

2013-05-29: Another set of new arrivals this month, including an interesting notebook from 1976, a calendar, and several more items in our Miscellanea section. 

2013-04-12: The "60 millionth" charity special edition of the Guinness Book of Records, launched with great fanfare at HMV in Oxford Street, London in October 1988, has been rediscovered. 

2013-04-01: Another special binding has been discovered — this time a 1973 edition for Watson Norie Limited.

2013-03-09: No, we haven't been idle! Amongst other items, we now have another "book of" - the fabulous Guinness Book of Miniatures, and a superb Zippo lighter from the Guinness World Record Museum. 

2013-01-27: Wow! What a start to 2013 - already this year we have some fabulous new items, such as "Great Moments in Sport", the "Guinness Jax Set", and a Guinness test cricket records book". We also have two books co-authored by Ross McWhirter - Centenary histories of the Rugby Football Union and Oxford University RFC (with an unusual compliments card).

2012-12-25: Merry Christmas to all collectors! For the 39th year in succession (and the 41st overall) one of our presents was the 2013 edition. Thanks Mum, that must be a Guinness Record!

2012-12-06: The 2013 Gamer's Edition is now on sale.

2012-12-01: Just in time for Christmas we've got hold of a box of six Tom Smith quiz crackers featuring records from the 1993 edition.

2012-12-01: A promotional booklet for Agfa-Gevaert from 1984 features sports records prior to the 1984 Olympics.

2012-10-26: Amongst other items, we've acquired a couple of interesting collectibles this month: an Educational Resource Pack from the Trocadero exhibition in 1992; and a pair of shot glasses from the World Records museum in Las Vegas.

2012-09-20: Another special edition of the 1988 Guinness Book of Olympic Records has come to light, this time for Mazola Corn Oil.

2012-09-20: We've added a new Odds & Ends page for other interesting collectibles that we have found recently.

2012-09-19: The 2012 Paladone Guinness World Records games and challenge sets are now available.

2012-09-13: The 2013 edition is now on sale.

2012-08-25: Whilst it may seem that there hasn't been much happening lately, rest assured that we are adding new items to our site on a regular basis. Since we passed 300 items on our site in early 2008, we have added another 1,230 items of interest to collectors. Recent additions include unusual items such as the karaoke version of the Guinness Top 40 British Hit Singles. Keep watching for new additions in the coming months!

2012-06-13: An interesting special edition has turned up in Texas - a 1964 Sterling edition with a dust-jacket advertising Union Carbide.

2012-05-15: Here's a fun item for collectors to find: the Official Guinness World Record Paddle Ball from 1977.

2012-04-29: Another "Turriff" edition (from 1969) has been found.

2012-04-13: A recent find is the RCA Special Gift Edition (Bantam, 1976).

2012-03-31: The 2012 Bantam edition of Guinness World records is now on sale.

2012-03-25: The 2012 catalogue from the Haywire Group contains some interesting Guinness World Records games and puzzles.

2012-03-15: Collectors of other record books will be interested in "Rekorde, Einmaligkeiten, Kuriositäten in der DDR", published in the late 1980s.

2012-02-21: Another private edition has been found: this time a copy of the 1972 edition for B T Glenwood.

2012-02-10: We've added details of a lovely new series of Guinness World Record puzzle books from Carson-Dellosa Publishing.

2012-01-31: A special edition produced in 1972 for Wultex Machine Co. Ltd. has just come to light.

2012-01-08: Another customised Bantam edition has turned up - this time for Northland Ford from 1974.

2012-01-07: Happy New Year! Emily Miethner has kindly given us a brief history of RecordSetter, and a hint of plans for this year.

2011-12-25: Our copy of the latest edition arrived today (thanks Mum!) - the 38th year in a row as a Christmas present!

2011-11-11: Two interesting gift ideas this month: The RecordSetter Book of World Records and Guinness World Records playing cards from That Company Called 'IF'.

2011-10-23: Want a challenge? Try the Guinness World Records Unicycle from Paladone Products Ltd.

2011-09-27: A special edition produced in 1973 for Hobourn Transmissions Limited has recently been discovered.

2011-09-15: The 2012 edition is now on sale.

2011-09-03: Yet more unusual Bantam editions have turned up - a Ford car dealer edition from 1973, and a 1975 edition (10th printing) featuring Robert Earl Hughes on the front cover.

2011-08-05: An unusual cassette-based Guinness Book of Records quiz game from 1979 has recently come to our attention.

2011-07-29: Special Bantam editions were produced for Sears and Country Kitchen in 1975.

2011-07-09: A fabulous series of educational books and collectors' cards was produced by Carson-Dellosa Publishing earlier this year. Well worth collecting!.

2011-06-26: Guinness Publishing has always commissioned interesting and unusual publications. Our Pick & Mix section highlights some of the less well-known editions.

2011-06-11: Two more new sections of our site feature books on "Food & Drink" and "Film & TV".

2011-05-31: Guinness books have always contained an element of fun, as our new Games and Quizzes page shows.

2011-05-30: We now have a new page featuring some fascinating Guinness reference books of Historical facts, information and anecdotal stories.

2011-05-27: Another nice find - this time a 1994 Bantam paperback produced for Grolier Electronic Publishing for the Guinness Multimedia Disc of Records.

2011-05-26: We have recently acquired a lovely copy of the first ever Swedish edition from 1968.

2011-05-17: A loosely connected set of Guinness reference and humorous books makes up the new Language section of this site.

2011-05-02: The latest addition to our site is a section highlighting the Guinness "Blunders" series of books.

2011-05-01: The 2011 Bantam edition of Guinness World Records is now on sale.

2011-04-20: Paladone Products Ltd. has added three new products to its Guinness World Records range, and launched a new Pocket Money range for 2011.

2011-04-16: Starting with the Guinness Signatures series in 1968, Guinness Superlatives published a number of books for collectors of everything from antique furniture to autographs. Our new section details these fascinating books.

2011-03-19: Throughout its history, Guinness Publishing has produced many sports records and reference books to complement the main series. We have catalogued more of these editions in our new Sports section.

2011-02-21: The latest section of our site provides details of the various encyclopaedias produced by Guinness Superlatives and Guinness Publishing.

2011-01-29: A special edition produced in 1974 for the U.K. company R. E. Nevill Engineering (Westbury) Ltd. has turned up ... in Australia.

2011-01-27: In late 1973, Guinness Superlatives produced the first of a new series of books, known as the Guinness Guides. These high-quality books have subjects ranging from ballet to Formula 1 motor-racing

2011-01-03: Many collectors of Guinness books also collect general records books, so today we have started a new section for other record books which may be of interest.

2011-01-01: A lovely set of mini-books has been produced by Sonic Corp., America's Drive-in.

2010-12-05: Some recent additions to our site have taken the number of catalogued items past the 1,000 mark. Details of many more items are in preparation, so keep watching!

2010-11-22: Guinness World Records and Paladone Products have recently released a selection of Toys & Gifts. We have gathered together a number of such items in a new section on our site.

2010-11-13: More books are now documented in our new music section.

2010-11-12: Recently discovered, a new "Mermaid" company special edition has unknown origins - if you can help, please let us know.

2010-10-31: A new music section has now been added to the site. The first series of books in the new section details the Guinness British Hit Singles and British Hit Albums chart reference books.

2010-10-31: Another U.K. company special edition from the West Midlands has been discovered.

2010-10-17: A variant of the 1968 U.S. 7th edition with a slightly different cover has turned up.

2010-10-17: We have uncovered another 1st edition compliments slip from a boxed copy sent to a pub in Hampshire in November 1955.

2010-10-17: To complement our Barratt World Record Breakers Bubblegum card set, we now have an original collectors' album.

2010-10-01: We conducted a brief interview with Anna Nicholas following the successful launch of her new book.

2010-09-21: The Guinness World Records site now has a link to our site; the 2011 edition is now on sale.

2010-09-01: Anna Nicholas's Strictly Off the Record is now available. Her new book is a fascinating account of life at the Guinness Book of Records in the 1980s.

2010-08-16: Exactly nine months after the 750th, a pre-production mock-up copy of the 1999 edition today becomes the 900th item listed on our site.

2010-08-06: We recently found a set of 50 Barratt World Record Breakers (FKS) bubble-gum cards from 1978.

2010-07-30: Two more special edition paperbacks arrived this week: Konica Olympic Records from 1988, and an Outdoors Unlimited Sports Record Book from 1981.

2010-07-23: We've been lucky enough to acquire a copy of a hitherto unknown company edition from 1973, produced for John Lee & Son (Grantham) Limited.

2010-07-17: An unusual offering from Sterling Publishing in 1976 was a set of glasses depicting various World Records.

2010-07-01: Bantam special editions keep turning up from the USA; we now have one produced for the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company in 1981.

2010-06-23: A special edition of the Guinness Book of Structures was produced for the Mabey Group of Companies in 1978.

2010-06-15: To promote Gros Gin Geneva in Canada, special packs of playing cards with records from Le Livre des Records were produced.

2010-06-14: We have discovered that a special edition of the 1995 International Guinness Book of Records paperback was produced for Syntex Australia.

2010-05-15: Another special edition has turned up - this time a 1989 Dutch edition promoting Oscorel tablets.

2010-05-14: Watch out for Anna Nicholas' new book, "Strictly off the Record", available in September.

2010-05-14: We've gathered together our interview collection into a single "people page". If you want to be featured on this page, please let us know.

2010-05-02: The 2010 Bantam edition of Guinness World records is now on sale.

2010-04-23: An unusual first day cover from Russia in 1990 shows the 1988 Guinness Book of Records.

2010-04-12: A special sport edition of Guinness World Records was published for Sport Lisboa e Benfica in 2007.

2010-04-09 : Details of the 1st ever Spanish edition, "Enciclopedia Guinness De Superlativos Mundiales", are now on our site.

2010-04-08 : We have found another private edition, which was produced for the Clarke Group in 1979/80.

2010-04-06 : Two more company editions are now detailed on our site - a 2007 Troll Special edition, and a 2009 Sybase Special edition.

2010-03-26 : We have recently acquired some French special editions produced by Denoël in 1975. We know of editions for Le Petit Brun Extra biscuits and the Chantovent vineyard.

2010-03-26 : An interesting paperback from 1969 is the limited edition Libro Guinness de Records Olimpicos from Mexico.

2010-03-23 : A very unusual combination of a Guinness sports records book with Old Spice aftershave was available in 1984.

2010-03-17 : We have a membership passport for the Guinness Bank of Knowledge. If anyone knows more about this service, please let us know.

2010-03-16 : Promotional copies of the Guinness World Records book are still being commissioned - we have details of a recent Panasonic edition.

2010-03-02 : Two more specially produced editions have turned up: Guinness des Records Planta Fin 2000 and Panasonic Olympic Records 1992.

2010-02-21 : A new section of our site is devoted to related items of interest to collectors (stamps, beer-mats, other media, and so on).

2010-01-29: The first editions in Serbo-Croat, Hebrew and Slovenian are now documented on our site.

2010-01-29: We have received another company special edition from Spain - this time a 1990 promotional copy for the Philips K-200 television.

2010-01-29: A special presentation of the 1979 Air Facts & Feats edition for Cox Hobbies has come to light.

2010-01-01: To celebrate the new year, we have added details of books in the Guinness "Fact Book" series to the site.

2009-12-23: A recent addition to our collection is the first ever New Zealand edition from 1977.

2009-11-24: We've been talking to Ralf Laue about his book and some of his record-breaking achievements.

2009-11-16: A 1976 Guinness Book of World Records Jigsaw Puzzle becomes  the 750th item listed on this site.

2009-10-30: Does anyone know anything about the Benco editions from the 1960s?

2009-10-23: Guinness World Records has released a limited-edition facsimile (reprint) of the "1st edition". 5,000 hand-numbered copies are available for sale.

2009-10-15: An unusual electronic quiz game from 1980 shows just how much computers have developed in the past 30 years!

2009-10-11: A new section of our site documents the Guinness "The Records" series, bringing the total number of items on the site closer to 750!

2009-08-29: To celebrate the second anniversary of this web-site, we are delighted to be able to publish extracts from our interview with Iain McWhirter (Ross McWhirter's son). He is definitely a chip off the old block!

2009-08-22: We now have a set of the Guinness Britain's Natural Heritage series of nature books.

2009-08-15: We've added a brand new section to the site, detailing the books in the Guinness Facts & Feats series.

2009-07-05: We have found some 1970s Christmas Cards from Guinness Superlatives Ltd. If anyone knows of any others, please let us know.

2009-06-12: New to the site today - a lovely set of Guinness records cards, produced by Mister Softee in 1963.

2009-06-09: We have come across a nice little promotional booklet from the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

2009-06-08: If you know of any pre-production copies (such as the 2008 mock-up), please let us know.

2009-04-25: We have received a copy of the 1st Canadian Edition from 1976.

2009-04-24: If you like the quirkier side of world records, you must get hold of a copy of the Guinness Book of Trivia Records, illustrated by Bill Hinds (Sterling, 1985).

2009-04-19: Marketing of the book in the USA in the 1970s included Guinness World Records Dixie cups.

2009-04-09: Lucky Diamond Rich (the World's Most Tattooed Person) has kindly answered a few questions for us about his record breaking and collecting.

2009-04-08: Eric Rosenthal wrote the Southern African section of the Guinness Book of Records from 1968. In 1975, he produced a standalone record book, sponsored by the Total oil company. We have a copy.

2009-04-01: New to the site today - a complimentary copy of the 1978-79 Guinness Sports Record Book from TreeSweet (sponsors of O. J. Simpson in the 1970s/1980s).

2009-03-27: An interesting month! We have found an unusual dual-language book of records (Guinness en Español e Inglés) and a fabulous 1978 "Guinness World Records Reading Comprehension Pack". Wonderful stuff!

2009-02-25: After a quiet month, we've now got hold of two unusual copies of the U.S. version of the 2001 edition. One has a red & green cover, the other black & orange, and we know of a blue & yellow version. Are there any others?

2009-01-17: Larry Olmsted, author of "Getting into Guinness", has kindly agreed to be interviewed by us. His comments will be of interest to anyone with a passion for the Book and the records that it inspires.

2009-01-16: In 1984, "Dorland Advertising" ran a competition where the prizes included copies of the Guinness Book of Records signed by Norris McWhirter. One such copy was presented to the organiser of the signing session, and this copy becomes the 500th item catalogued on our site.

2009-01-15: Company special editions keep appearing - the latest edition to come to our attention was produced for "JWIS Chains Ltd" in 1977.

2009-01-10: We have come across a "private distribution" copy of the 2008 edition.

2009-01-04: Another company special edition has resurfaced on eBay.

2008-11-26: More sad news from Shelbyville, where the World's oldest woman - Edna Parker - has died at the age of 115 years and 220 days.

2008-11-12: A publisher's proof copy of the 1974 edition has surfaced on eBay, leading to speculation that there may still be other versions of that edition to find.

2008-10-23: For the first time, full details of the Guinness Doctors' Books from 1933-1939 and 1950-1966 are now on our site.

2008-10-05: Larry Olmsted's "Getting into Guinness" has just been released in the UK and USA. If you want to know how much effort is required to gain a place in the book, then read this book!

2008-09-17: The first Russian and Japanese editions are now documented on our site.

2008-09-12: We have found a copy of the first Dutch edition from 1971.

2008-08-26: Details of the first (1990) Polish edition of the Guinness Book of Records are now on our site.

2008-08-16: We now have a special edition of the first Southern African Guinness Book of Records.

2008-08-13: Very sad news that Sandy Allen - the World's tallest woman - has died at the age of 53.

2008-08-02: According to the official website, the 2009 edition will come with a pair of 3D glasses to view "more than 20 3D features".

2008-08-01: To celebrate our birthday, we have added three more interesting items: two pre-production mock-ups of the Guinness book of World Records from 2004 and 2005, and a special edition from the USA.

2008-07-18: Another specially bound edition - this time from Spain - has turned up on eBay.

2008-07-11: Recent additions to our collection have brought the number of items detailed on our site to 340 - and we still have a couple of weeks to go before our first anniversary!

2008-07-03: A number of interesting 1st editions (with glassine covers or original packaging) have surfaced on eBay recently. It just goes to show that there are still interesting editions for collectors to find.

2008-06-15: We have come across a 1978 U.S. Bantam edition with a bonus free ticket to any Guinness Museum.

2008-05-26: We've come across another variant of the Guinness Sports Record Book from 1972, and a hardback version of the 1994 Bantam edition.

2008-05-13: A 1983 Australian edition with a special Toyota cover has come to light recently.

2008-05-12: We have documented two more early U.S. publications - the Dunlop Illustrated Encyclopedia of Facts and the Guinness Sports Record Book.

2008-05-09: We've added details of some more 1st Editions from other countries. As always, if you can help, please let us know.

2008-05-01: Another 1968 company special edition (for Wellman Machines Limited) has surfaced on eBay.

2008-04-15: We now have a copy of the first Norwegian edition ("Guinness Rekordbok Først og Størst") and details of the first Danish edition ("Guinness Rekordbog Først og Størst"). If you have information on any other first editions, please get in touch.

2008-04-10: A 1984 UK edition with a Whiskas dust-jacket has been brought to our attention.

2008-03-22: We've added a copy of the first Italian edition (Il Guinness Dei Primati) to our collection.

2008-03-14: Many GBR collectors also collect the Guinness Book of Answers, so we have added a section for that series of reference books to our site.

2008-03-10: An interesting special edition from the U.S. is the 1979 Bantam edition produced for the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company.

2008-03-10: Anyone read Russian?

2008-03-01: A number of collectors' (trading) card sets have been issued for Guinness World Records - we have a Sterling Publishing set of 16 from 1980.

2008-02-25: In the third issue of the Guinness Gold Club newsletter, an Adidas special edition is mentioned. This has proved rather elusive, until now ...

2008-02-16: Guinness World Records has been sold, and now forms part of Jim Pattison's "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" empire.

2008-02-13: In order to catalogue first editions from around the world, we have started a new section on the site. If you can help, please let us know.

2008-02-08: We have just been reacquainted with the Daily Mail part-work  that was produced to publicise the 1997 edition.

2008-02-07: Three more books have joined our collection, allowing us to fill in some of the gaps in our U.S. Sterling editions section.

2008-01-31: Another copy of the leather-bound 7th edition produced for Lucas Gas Turbine Equipment has come to light.

2008-01-16: More of the history of the U.S. editions, together with some fascinating record stories can be found in "Guinness: The Stories Behind the Records".

2008-01-12: We have found a lovely little booklet from 1966, in the "style" of the Guinness Book of Records from that era: the Guinness Book of British Empire & Commonwealth Games Records.

2007-12-28: Another company special edition has been reported to us. We have also added some information about more of our U.S. Sterling editions to the site.

2007-12-25: With the arrival of a copy of the 2008 edition, we can claim a record 34 years in a row receiving the book as a Christmas present. However, Guinness has yet to ratify this momentous achievement!

2007-12-22: We have added details of some more editions to our U.S. Bantam page.

2007-12-21: If you have any spare time in the near future, you should try and read Ross: The story of a shared life (Norris McWhirter's biography of his twin brother).

2007-12-19: A copy of the McWhirters' first book - "Get to your Marks!" - has joined our collection. It a great read for historians of Track and Field athletics.

2007-12-15: Whilst browsing through some books in a local shop, we came across a hitherto undocumented "company special" edition, published for Oxy Metal Finishing in 1971.

2007-12-08: Today we feature an interview with Gyles Brandreth, who was editor-in-chief of the Guinness Record Breakers Club.

2007-12-03: Guinness World Records may be up for sale once more [Article from The Sunday Times].

2007-12-01: In 1994 Guinness started the Gold Club for collectors of the book. We have some information (and the first 5 newsletters), but would love to hear from anyone who has anything else to add.

2007-11-15: We've added a new section dedicated to other Guinness publications. To get the section started, we've added details of the Guinness Silver Anniversary Series.

2007-11-09: A little-known forerunner to the Guinness Book of Records series is Jerome S. Meyer's Book of Amazing Facts. We now have a copy of this fabulous publication from 1950.

2007-10-28: We've added a couple of other books — that may be of interest to collectors — to our "Related" section. These are the 1982 "Guinness Pocket Book of Facts" and the 1992 "Guinness UK Data Book".

2007-10-26: From the information in the 1974 and 1976 Bantam paperbacks, we believe we are starting to find out how the edition numbering worked in the early U.S. editions.

2007-10-14: Two more U.S. editions have been added to our collection, but we are still keen to hear from collectors who know more about the U.S. series of books.

2007-10-04: A rare "company special" copy of the 9th edition has recently been discovered.

2007-10-03: Whilst rummaging through a box of stuff, we came across our Guinness Record Breakers Club welcome pack from 1985. We were member number 001016. Did anyone else join the club?

2007-09-28: The 2008 Guinness World Records Book has been launched in the UK.

2007-09-26: We have acquired an unusual special edition of the June 1966 Bantam publication, which was produced for the Chicago Daily News.

2007-09-13: Another new addition to our collection is a copy of a first edition Guinness Book of Superlatives from the U.S.A. To celebrate, we've started a new page for U.S. editions.

2007-08-30: We just obtained a copy of the 1976 BBC Record Breakers book signed by Norris McWhirter. The dedication is to "Walter". If anyone knows who Walter is, please get in touch.

2007-08-14: According to reports, 114 year-old Yone Minagawa died at a hospital in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan on Monday. This leaves Edna Parker of Shelbyville, Indiana as the world's oldest person. Edna lives in the same Heritage House Convalescent Center as Sandy Allen, the world's tallest woman at 7 feet, 7 inches.